Undergraduate Programs

We have five undergraduate programs, which are Public Administration, Public Affairs, Land Resource Management, Social Work and Culture Industry Management, and two master programs, which are Public Administration and Land and Real Estate, and MPA program. Education background of our faculty members range from Politics, Economics, Sociology, Philosophy, History, Engineering and Information Technology and so on. We have the only social work training center in Zhejiang province, provincial cultural product research center, province top public administration education center, public policy research center, Zhejiang research center, Land Resource Research center, Government cost and performance evaluation research center, cultural industry research institute, and art economics research center. These research centers and institutes create first-class platform for professors and students. We also have advanced research and teaching equipments. School library contains more than 20,000 books and journals. We also have electronic government laboratory, social work laboratory and digital land GIS laboratory.
In undergraduate and graduate education, we emphasize trainings on the comprehensive and practical capabilities of students. According different interest, talents and career plans of our students, we make diverse programs and plans for them, to arm students with broad vision, solid knowledge foundation and strong professional skills. School also creates courses such as public project management, human resource, and urban managements to respond to the social demands rising in fast urbanization of China. Students have great freedom to select courses which serve their interest and career plan. In order to give students best education to students, all full professors are required to give lecture in undergraduate programs. Besides, we build various connections with local governments, industries, non-government organizations and mass media, and establish dozes of internship centers. These cooperative programs and centers provide students rich opportunities to practice the knowledge they take from courses, accumulate experiences and increase competiveness. Many of our graduates became civil servants or pursue graduate students. The employment rate of our graduates is 97% on average and ranks top in Zhejiang Gongshang University.


School of Public Administration develops four research fields which are highly competitive nationwide: Government innovation and local governance, public policy study, land resource and urban governance, community management and social work. In addition, our faculty members lead 26 national social science research projects, national science research funds and Ministry of Education's research projects, more than 100 provincial research projects. Professors have received a variety of awards for achievements they made in teaching and research at both national and provincial levels.
We value international cooperation and communication. We have build firm relation with universities and research institutes in the United States, Australia, Singapore, Hongkong (China) and Taiwan (China). Every semester, we invite scholars and government officials inside and outside China to give speeches or lectures for our students. These academic activities broaden the horizon of our students, and help them take international vision.
In Zhejiang Gongshang University which has one hundred and four years' history, the School of Public Administration is a young member. We are committed to contributing to China's governance reform as well as the development of public administration study. We believe our vibrant and robust faculty and staff team is going to support us to fulfill this great goal and create a bright future.